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Standard shells are 6ply 100% maple Keller VSS shells.

Maple (Standard)

6,8,10 ply drums

6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40ply snares

Snare and Kit Shells

Acrylic - .25" thick

Birch - Punchy quick attack

Mahogany - warm vintage sound

Bearing Edges

We cut whatever bearing edge suits your sound, from double 45s to full round overs

to newly developed theories and  techniques that bring out the truest tone of your drums.


Standard Finishes

Sparkles (Standard)

Pearls & Oysters (Standard)

Gloss (Standard)

Satin Stains (Standard)

Premium Finishes

Glitter Glass (Premium Wraps)

Stripes (Laminate Stripes)

Stripes (Satin Stripes)

Acrylic Colors

Acrylic Graphics

Hi-Gloss Lacquer


Standard Snare Lugs

Piston Lugs (Standard)

Beaver Tail (Standard)

Long Tube Lugs (Standard-Snare Only)


Standard Kit Lugs

Piston Lugs (Standard)

Beaver Tail (Standard)

Mini or Long Tube Lugs on kits (premium)


2.3triple flanged hoops

Die Cast hoops

Wood Hoops

Claw Style

Wood Rims

Hardware finishes

Chrome (Standard)

Black Chrome



Powder Coated

Brushed Satin

Blasted Hardware

ISO mounts

Snare Throw Offs

Dunnett Classic R4 (Standard)

Offered in Chrome, Black or Gold


Offered in raw aluminum or black anodized aluminum


Custom Bass head graphics available


Metal or custom wood badges come standard

Custom Series Drum Specs & Options

Snare and Kit Shells

Steam Bent Shells - Domestic & Exotic woods

Veneers - exotic woods over plied maple shells

Stave Drum Shells - Domestic & Exotic woods

Other Snare Shells

Brass  & Aluminum

    White            Silver          Ginger       Root Beer       Black             Gold           Purple       Turquoise         Blue            Green        Tangerine          Red           Zebra

Champagne  60’s Oyster


Natural            Lemon          Amber       Golden Brown  Dark Walnut  Brown Mohog.    Red Mohog.      Black        Burgandy         Blue             Green           Red


Aged Pearl   White Pearl   Red Pearl     Red Onyx    Blue Onyx  Black Oyster Black Diamond  


The Detroit Custom Drum Co. “Custom Series” drums are that of a high end elite level, hand crafted instrument.

100% North American Maple, Shells leveled on a marble slab, Edges cut to exact specifics, sanded and meticulously hand rubbed shells. Solid single point or tube lugs are offered so the shell can resonate freely. The tonal quality and attention to detail will give you the drum you want and allow you to pull out your true potential!


       Pink       Neon Green  Turquoise        Silver            Purple            Red              Blue            Black             Gold           Green        Burgandy



    White            Black           Mirror